Cut Bank Community Bible Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019

Personal Data Inventory


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Identification Data:

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Marital Status
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Health Information:
Rate your health
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List all important present or past illnesses, injuries or handicaps:
Date of last medical examination         
Your Physician           
Are you presently taking medication?
Have you ever had a severe emotional upset?
Have you ever been arrested?
Are you willing to sign a release of information form so that your counselor may write for social, psychiatric, or medical reports?
Have you recently suffered the loss of someone who was close to you?
Have you recently suffered the loss from serious social, business, or other reversals?
Religious Background:
Denominational preference
Church Attendance per month
Church attended in childhood?
Religious Background of Spouse (if married)
Do you consider yourself a religious person?
Do you believe in God?
Do you pray to God?
Are you saved?
How much do you read the Bible?
Do you have regular family devotions?
Explain recent changes in you religious life, if any
Personality Information:
Have you ever had any psychotherapy or counseling before?
If yes, list counselor or therapist and dates:
What was the outcome?
Choose any of the following words which best describe you now:
Active     Ambitious     Self-Confident     Persistent     Nervous     
Hardworking     Impatient     Impulsive     Moody     Often-Blue
Excitable     Imaginative     Calm     Serious     Easy-Going
Shy     Good-Natured     Introvert     Extrovert     Likeable
Leader     Quiet     Hard-Boiled     Submissive     Lonely
Self-Conscious     Sensitive     Other
Have you ever felt people were watching you?
Do people's faces ever seem distorted?
Do colors ever seem to bright?
Are you sometimes unable to judge distance?
Have you ever had hallucinations?
Are you afraid of being in a car?
Do you have problems sleeping?
Marriage and Family Information:
Name of Spouse
Your spouse's age
Is spouse willing to come for counseling?
Have you ever been separated?
If so, when? From  To
Has either of you ever filed for divorce?
If so, when?
Date of Marriage
Your ages when married: Husband   Wife
How long did you know your spouse before marriage?
Length of steady dating with spouse?
Length of engagement?
Give brief information about any previous marriages:
Information About Children:
Previous Marriage?      Children's Names                   Age              Gender     Living(Yes or No)   Education in Years       Marital Status
If you were reared by someone other that your own parents, briefly explain:
How many older brothers  sisters  do you have?
How many younger brothers  sisters  do you have?
Briefly answer the following questions:
1. What is the problem you are having?
2. What have you done about it?
3. What can we do?
4. As you see yourself, what kind of person are you? Describe yourself (angry, happy, sad, bitter, etc.)
5. What, if anything, do you fear?
6. Is there any other information I should know?
What days and times work best for a counseling session?
Monday                   Morning     Afternoon     Evening
Tuesday                  Morning     Afternoon     Evening 
Wednesday             Morning     Afternoon     Evening
Thursday                Morning     Afternoon     Evening
Friday                    Morning     Afternoon     Evening
Saturday                Morning     Afternoon     Evening